The Reset Podcast

The Reset Podcast is hosted by Laura Mignott, co-founder of DigitalFlash. 

Episode 2-Technologies To Ward Off Death-Bed Regrets with Charlie Oliver

For the second episode of “The Reset Podcast,” show creator and host Laura Mignott (Co-Founder, brand marketing agency DigitalFlash) welcomes Charlie Oliver, CEO of Served Fresh Media & Tech2025, to discuss how to reset understanding technology for other generations and how brands play a key role to it’s success or failure. They discuss how class, race, age and location effect our interactions with technology, how it effects our lives now and what the future holds for us all. Be sure to take Charlie’s quiz,  Which emerging technologies will help you to live a more fulfilling,
courageous life?

Be sure to follow her - @Tech2025, Where she features information about her workshops, events and blog posts.


Creator and host: Laura Mignott

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 Mixer: Matt Noble at The Loft in Bronxville, NY

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